For basketball fans and sports historians, the following read is worth your time. On Tuesday, the New York Times published a lengthy profile, written by Nicholas Dawidoff, about Basketball Hall of Famer, Tex Winter, and his beloved baby, “The Triple-Post Offense.” The Triple-Post became better known in the 1990s as the “Triangle Offense” that helped the Phil Jackson and Winter win a combined 11 NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers.


The sacred text arrived at dusk on a Thursday in November. I opened the package and found a 216-page, red hardbound book with worn buckram corners that brought to mind something used to teach high school geometry 50 years ago.

The previous owner had inscribed his name on the flyleaf and made sufficient notations in the margins throughout that I recalled a story about an old N.B.A.player whose teammate asked him why he underlined every sentence in the books he took on road trips. “That’s so I know I’ve read them,” he said.

The University of Kansas’ union bookstore had stamped the book “USED” and then penciled in a secondhand price, $5.50. Yet my Amazon third-party seller had charged me more than $160.

“You got it cheap,” the author’s middle son, known to his parents as Boy 2, later told me. One of the other two copies available at the time cost $700.Read more at