Shoe Wars: Taking a look at Nike, Adidas and Under Armour deals with Big Ten teams and beyond

The Portland Business Journal, located in Nike’s backyard, has had some interesting, in-depth reporting on Nike’s new deal with the University of Michigan.

Michigan fits the profile of recent Nike moves. The sportswear giant has been focusing its collegiate efforts on the most blue-blooded programs, such as Kentucky, the University of Florida and Florida State, while not extending deals with less high-profile programs.

“The University of Michigan ranks high among the world’s great institutions of higher learning and enjoys a rich, tradition-laden history in college sports,” said Joaquin Hidalgo, Nike North America general manager, in a news release.

In addition, they provided the following graph showing the deals the Swoosh has with other Big Ten teams.

In addition they have a a lengthy story and database (from 2014) showing the dollars flowing from Nike, Under Armour and Adidas to your favorite university.

Over the past decade, contracts between footwear giants and universities have grown from handshake agreements with the head football and basketball coaches to sweeping deals that cover everything from logos on equipment trucks to in-game announcements on the public address system and free shoes for grounds keepers.

The deals give those companies access to a socially mobile fan base and the opportunity to generate lifelong sales across all channels — not just football, but casual footwear, running, basketball and apparel.

It makes for some interesting reading, and with Under Armour making a big push into the market over the last couple of years, the Shoe Wars – the the river of cash flowing into NCAA coffers –  is not about to run dry anytime soon.

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