Book Review of “Covid-19” by Beverly Barton

The story of covid-19 is based around a small farming community called Coventry. The life there was slow and uneventful, until one day a man named Peter went missing. When his disappearance became known, the entire townspeople went searching for him, believing him to be a merchant travelling to distant lands. One man named William realized that Peter must have been a clergyman, traveling to preach the gospel to a harsh and unforgiving world. A search for Peter turned out to be a fruitless pursuit because nobody had ever heard of Peter before, nor knew what church he might have been preaching at.

In covid-19, William sets out once again to search for Peter but this time, he unleashes a secret he has kept for a long time: he pretends to be the town priest, known as Pastorriche, in order to gain the trust of the people of covid-19. However, instead of finding Peter, William finds another pastor, ricser, who knows of the false story about Peter and becomes involved in the story himself. Things become more complicated when the present pastor returns and William realize that he must convert or face his death. Meanwhile, Pastorriche falls in love with the beautiful young minister’s daughter, Rose, who also shares a secret of her family.

This is a very fast-moving book that flows well from beginning to end, even though the plot can get a little confusing at times. I found the story to be appealing, especially because I do not think there is any other book like it anywhere else on the market right now. “Covid-19” is not a very deep novel, but it was enjoyable and kept me interested from start to finish. For the most part, the characters were believable and appealing, and the story was entertaining even if it did run a bit long at times. For romance fans, this book is excellent!