Chronic Medical Conditions – Respiratory Symptoms of COPD

COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease has been one of the most prevalent and deadly diseases in the US. This condition affects the respiratory system causing difficulty in breathing and sometimes results in death. The virus that causes COPD is highly contagious and is easily spread through the body’s mucous membranes. Some people who suffer from COPD may not show any symptoms, while others may encounter serious signs and symptoms such as shortness of breath on breathing, coughing, and wheezing. There is no current treatment available for COPD, but there are several ways to help COPD patients deal with the disease.

A recent study shows that, on an average, elderly patients who had higher than normal counts of the bacteria that cause SARS had higher incidences of mortality. The study, which was conducted at the University of Illinois’ College of Medicine, also showed that those who contracted covid-19, a highly infectious form of pneumonia, had a threefold increased risk of dying within a year. This is the first report of such a finding and it strengthens the need to implement measures to prevent the further spread of this potentially fatal virus. A previous study found that patients with COPD who had previously died of other causes also had higher incidences of pneumonia in the last year than did those who did not experience respiratory problems. It is thought that the virus spreads due to exposure to infected secretions from the lungs of patients with COPD.

Patients can prevent the occurrence of the most serious effects of COPD by taking certain measures. Increased fluid intake is recommended to help patients avoid becoming dehydrated. Medications that counteract the effects of inflammation are also useful. Patients should also take extra care when engaging in physical activity and should wear protection against the irritations of dust, mites, and infection. Regular exercise is recommended as a way to improve circulation and relieve stress. Combination therapy with prescription drugs is also an effective treatment for patients diagnosed with chronic medical conditions including COPD.