covid-19: An Armed Attack Against the pandemic

The second day of covid-19 the coronavirus press conference is underway. This morning the coronavirus press release declares that the first meeting of the new CEO and CFO has been arranged. A press release from the company also mentions the alternate CEO’s names as Ed Helm and Beth Combs. Also it mentions that they will meet with other company officers during this meeting and go over various topics including how the company will utilize the new CEO and the role of the CFO.

There will be another major story in tomorrow’s covid-19, one that is not related to pandemic preparation or flu vaccines. There is a word, however, that a novel influenza virus has been found. It has not been released into the general population but it is the first such novel virus to be found in Australia. It has been named A/C virus, which stands for the next generation of computer code. The name ‘A’ is due to the fact that the virus was created by using computer code, with each line of the code starting with the letters A through Z, and is therefore considered to be a code word.

The main subject of tomorrow’s covid-19 is the search for a cure for a strain of bacteria called “shig”. This is the strain that is associated with all the current flu pandemics. It was responsible for the deaths of 60% of the people in China who had the infection. It was thought that the pandemic would rid the world of this deadly bacteria but as the epidemic continued researchers were stumped, unable to find a way to stop it. The Chinese scientists had an idea, working with antiviral drug companies, that they might be able to use genetic engineering to create a type of drug that would stop the spread of the shig. Once this was developed and tested, it was found to be just the solution that the Chinese needed.