Examples of news

Examples of news are things that are happening in the world today. News is something that is reported and made available to the public. It is reported by local newpapers, radio stations, television stations, and the Internet. Examples of news are things such as the death of someone who was a famous person or sports figures that were very well known. Another great example of news are when major events happen around the world.

The way that any news story is made news depends on whether the reporter was a professional journalist or not. If a journalist tried to make news out of something that they did not really have the knowledge of then it would not be newsworthy. It should be noted though that even if the world wide web was invented for the purpose of news, it has its own purposes and guidelines. In some cases you will find news stories that were made by amateurs or with no real skill or professionalism. Examples of these are things like dog training videos that are put on YouTube.

Some examples of news that becomes newsworthy include controversial speeches, natural disasters, animals that become extinct, terrorist attacks, and births and marriages. These types of stories make news because the general public is interested in what is going on in their world at this time. Sometimes a story that is covered extensively in one place becomes newsworthy through the efforts of many different news organizations. A good example is when more than two bodies were found in the ocean, which is making everybody look for ways to get the story out. This type of news becomes newsworthy when people discuss it, report on it, and share it with others through many different forms of media.