How to Pitch a News Story During Prom Night

One of the biggest trends to hit the Internet in recent years has been the growth of news websites and blogging. A few years ago the term “news” seemed like it was reserved only for newspapers, and that phrase now seems to encompass a wide variety of information sources on the Internet, including just about everything under the sun. The reason that news is so important on the Internet is that it’s a very effective marketing tool, and it is also incredibly easy to get started with and maintain, making it a highly lucrative business model for many entrepreneurs and small business owners. You can even start a news blog in minutes, and the number of news websites and blog posts that you can make at any given moment is nearly limitless.

In fact, it may be surprising to realize that the key elements of any news story are actually found within the body of the text itself. A good example of this would be the New York Times’ use of quotes in their reporting. A quote is a critical piece of information that is given from an individual source, and it provides the basis for the rest of the article’s content. While there are a number of different ways that quotes can be used, the most common form comes from a reporter highlighting major events or other breaking newsworthy topics in their reporting.

This kind of process occurs throughout almost every news organization, from local stations to national news outlets. For example, if a reporter is covering a story about the recent turmoil in Iraq, they will often quote a number of high officials, politicians, and military personnel. However, if the quote does not accurately capture the news value, the reader will then have the opportunity to ask question or weigh the information provided, meaning that the reporter will need to engage in some basic writing. This basic writing process is essentially what you would call a pitch, and when done correctly, it is an excellent way to sell yourself to your audience – especially when you are pitching stories during prom night.