Info Update – What it Is and When to Give It to Your Employees

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Info Update – What it Is and When to Give It to Your Employees

What exactly is an info update today anyway? It s a short communication from an employer to their staff or customers usually informing them of any recent changes made internally. Some companies also apply this term to updating workers on any changes in their lives, such as whether or not they are allowed to take Prozac now or not. One thing is for certain, if your company doesn’t make this clear to its employees, you will likely receive an influx of emails or complaints in the future.

The basic idea behind the info is that it lets employees know that the company has thought about them and gives them some information about their job. In addition, it lets them know that you care about them. But how do you do this? Most of the time the best way is by simply communicating with the employees directly, either through a newsletter or a personal meeting (if there is a budget for such a thing). If you have a system for distributing work-related information, then you can reach all of your employees via email or by a message board.

There is one other way to give your employees information today, and that is through a press release. This is especially helpful if your company hasn’t even introduced a new policy yet. Simply contact a local newspaper and tell them about the new policy (or updated information) that you would like them to run. You don’t need to have anything fancy, just a simple statement about the new policy or new procedures will do. Your local paper will probably help you design a nice brochure that explains the details of the new procedure, which your employees can carry around with them to show everyone at the work place.

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