Technological Change in IT Industry


Technological Change in IT Industry

Technological change is the advent of new products, methods, techniques, and procedures employed in the achievement of specific objectives, including scientific experimentation, medical practices, or in the manufacturing of technical products or services. Technological change may be characterized by either radical or gradual changes in existing procedures and practice or a combination of both. Technological change can have an impact on society in many ways. For instance, rapid technological change has led to increased levels of worker stress, productivity volatility, and a reduction in consumer goods and services. Similarly, gradual changes in technology allow greater scope for product diversification, new product development, and competition among suppliers of different technical products.

One of the most significant changes in technology sector came with the growth of Information Technology. This was accompanied by rapid industrialization and dramatic shifts in how information technology infrastructure was built. Today, this field includes a wide range of activities, which include designing and developing computer systems, computer applications, desktop and laptop platforms, networking and Internet technologies, software, hardware, and semiconductors. In addition, many employees work in Information Technology departments and possess broad skills in computer science, math, physics, engineering, and business administration.

The other major transformation in the technology industry came from developments in Information Technologies. This field encompasses a wide range of activities, which include computer software, computer systems design and development, telecommunications, network management, e-business, software, hardware, and mobile computing. The field is also characterized by one word: technology. As one word suggests, it is the combination of more than one word (such as electronics and information technology) and can thus, also, be described as combining technology and information. As the world grows increasingly dependent on technology, the importance of information technology has grown along with the need for skilled workers, resulting in an intensive demand for technical graduates in Information Technology.

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