Why Use C covid-19?


Why Use C covid-19?

The C covid-19 vaccine, made from a live virus that was once responsible for causing wild outbreaks of SARS in the Caribbean is now available to people living in the western part of the UK. This is the first time that the vaccine has been made available in the UK from anywhere else in the world. A team of workers who were administering the shot in the field in Cairns recently discovered that they had been working closely with the C could strain of the virus, which is responsible for Sars. This discovery has meant that a safer, and therefore safer dosage can now be produced. It is hoped that the improved production techniques will also lead to a reduced risk from any potential side effects that were associated with the previous versions of the vaccine.

Since being approved for use by the Home Office for the purposes of tackling the global Sars epidemic in South Asia, the C covid-19 vaccine has been used in other countries in the same region. It was only after the team in Cairns had begun testing the vaccine in humans that it was decided to try it out in the UK. Testing has so far found it very effective in reducing the number of cases of acute hepatitis as well as preventing the disease progressing to complicated syndromes such as cirrhosis. It is thought that further tests may prove to be positive in the future and that the C covid-19 could be used successfully in the UK as a replacement to the currently available pandemic vaccines. However, the team is recommending that anyone not using the vaccine as directed should report any symptoms to the British Medical Association or Health Protection Agency as soon as possible.

There have been few clinical trials involving C covid-19. One study into the use of the vaccine in Sri Lanka, which ended in inconclusive results has been stopped due to concerns over the possibility of unapproved drugs being used in the process. The antiviral drug xylene was found to be present in the blood samples taken from subjects in the trial and these were mixed with the vaccine. There are also concerns that the mixing of antiviral drugs with the vaccine will create a dangerous combination which is untested and still unknown exactly how it will affect the human body.

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