The Good Intentions of Technology – Why It’s Good to Create Tech


The Good Intentions of Technology – Why It’s Good to Create Tech

Technology is the collective term for any technological methods, practices, skills, and methods used in the creation of new products or services or in the achievement of specific goals, including scientific research. The word technology was first used by American linguist Merriam Webster in his 1834 book A Manual to the Principles of Surgery, which he published after taking a course on anatomy. According to Webster, the technical or practical term is to be applied to anything involving the arts or sciences, especially to those involving the physical act of making something or arranging it. In other words, technology is nothing but an application of knowledge in a particular context, be that the physical, social, or cultural aspects of human activity or society in general.

The field of technology is vast and dynamic, ranging from computer systems to new technologies in business, from new medical devices to consumer technology. Technological change occurs constantly, driven by advances in scientific knowledge, social conditions, and market tendencies. While most technological developments can be traced back to specific events in history, often there are parallel developments that tend to emerge over time, or are triggered by changing priorities and conditions. For instance, the evolution of communications brought about major transformations in the way people communicate, interact, and share information across national, cultural, and even international barriers. Similarly, new technologies, including computers, mobile phones, and the internet, have created entirely new markets.

Still, tech isn’t always bad. Sometimes it makes things easier or more convenient for everyone involved. Take, for example, the creation of the Apple iPod, which started out as an mp3 player with the capacity to download songs, but quickly evolved into a device that virtually revolutionized music industry sales. While the iPod cannot compete with the grandeur of the newly created iPad, it did help usher in a new era of tech culture, one characterized by good intentions and creative endeavor.

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