C covid-19 – Is This vaccine Saving Lives?


C covid-19 – Is This vaccine Saving Lives?

The C covid-19 is a major cause of illness among children in the UK. It is caused by a strain of a particular strain of influenza, the same virus that causes a majority of seasonal flu infections. Those people who have a suppressed immune system are particularly at risk and should get regular flu shots. The virus is carried by the same bacteria that carries other types of viruses, including the S sw virus, and can therefore be spread around the community or to other individuals when an infection spreads from one person to another. Anyone can become infected, but those who have a suppressed immune system are much more prone to serious illness caused by the C covid-19 strain of the virus. Those people with pre-existing medical conditions for example, such as diabetes, chronic lung disease, heart disease or cancer, are also at higher risk.

The virus is also responsible for many cases of respiratory infection in children. In recent years the proportion of children with pneumonia or acute respiratory infection who had the C covid-19 strain was increasing. It is particularly important for parents to ensure that their children are regularly vaccinated against the virus, as the last thing any child wants is to contract pneumonia or a respiratory infection caused by a vaccine. There may be mild symptoms of the virus in children, such as fever, cough and yellow sputum, but they need to be seen by a doctor if these symptoms are pronounced.

Those with chronic medical conditions or a suppressed immune system are at an especially high risk of the C covid-19 strain. Children in poor health or with other immune suppressing diseases such as HIV or S pneumoniae should receive yearly vaccination. Those people who are obese or have a history of smoking should also consider getting vaccinated against the virus. Those who live in crowded apartments where there is a higher risk of contracting contagious diseases should take precautions. The C covid-19 vaccine will help keep children healthy and protect them from dangerous diseases.

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