What is an Info Update Today?

What exactly is an info update today or an informational tweet for that matter? It s a tweet or communication by an employer to its twitter followers or customers informing them of any recent developments in the organisation. Some employers also employ this term as a way of updating employees on any recent news-lines in their lives, such as whether or not they can now take Prozac. This of course is purely fictional, but it is probably still used in some informal business circles as an informal definition of what an Info Update means.

An Info Update today is defined by Wikipedia as “A message given on Twitter, usually with the intention of soliciting responses.” An informal use of the word today is used in the context of an update of one’s blog or website, for example to let customers know that the website is undergoing improvements, or if one’s product has had a recall. One can define an Info Update as anything that informs people of some recent event or development within an organisation, and/or one’s career path or career prospects within that organisation. The news that one hears about changes within an organisation can come from many sources; it may be a leaked internal document, it could be an interview with someone who has worked at the organisation for many years, it could be news items which are broadcast or published by the media, or perhaps it could be something totally different. Regardless, of the source of the information, an Info Update is issued to inform potential or current customers, employees, or shareholders of the progress of an activity, project, change or announcement, whether it is related to product releases, marketing plans or performance improvements. The need for such an update can arise for a variety of reasons and it is usually the case that companies are keen to keep abreast of any significant or subtle changes to their business and/or industry.

In a nutshell, an Info Update today is just that. A communication from one professional organisation to another (or even between organisations). It is issued to inform people of changes and developments within an organisation. It normally contains a description (which may be called a story), a title, and an overview or key points, which are most often known as objectives or goals. It is used to help guide and support organisations as they work towards meeting and exceeding pre-defined goals and objectives.