What is Covid-19?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or better known as COPD is a progressive disease that destroys the respiratory organs i.e., the lungs, and eventually causes death if not treated timely. COPD can be caused by several factors. Some of them are smoking, exposure to cigarette smoke, occupational exposure to chemicals and toxins, and other illnesses and diseases that you may have a genetic disposition for. Symptoms include cough, shortness of breath during sleep, chest tightness especially during breathing, wheezing, fatigue, extreme fatigue, inability to focus or concentrate, and swelling in the abdomen and lungs.

COPD is usually diagnosed based on certain criteria, which includes having chronic cough with the ability to come on suddenly; having chest pain when breathing, difficulty breathing, feeling light headed, sore throat, fever, and fatigue. If you meet these symptoms then you may have a case of COPD and if this is the case your doctor will prescribe medications for you. The medications can help to reduce some of the symptoms, but the most important thing is to get diagnosed by a physician. It’s important to know that although there is a vaccine available to protect against the SARS virus, there is no cure for covid-19.

To learn more about this virus and ways to prevent or treat COPD you can access an informational eBook titled “COPD: C covid -19” which can be purchased online. The eBook will give you helpful insight into what you can do to treat and prevent COPD. It will also provide you with the information needed to file a medical claim for compensation due to your CO Vid-19 infection. It was not until 2021, when the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began to regulate the manufacture of antiviral drugs containing the SARS virus. According to the FDA, all products containing “steroidal compounds” must be manufactured under a brand name of “a pharmaceutical composition that is approved for use in treating acute or chronic illness.”