Glad the Bucks won – but now, to HELL with ya !!!

OK, so admittedly, I wanted Ohio State to defeat Oregon, which they did handily on Monday night to capture the first-ever College Football Playoff National Championship (the latest “flavor” in National Championship formats). I wanted it on behalf of the Big 10 – a football conference that so desperately needed a credibility boost.
So now that it is “mission accomplished” — I am back to “strongly disdaining” (i.e. HATING) everything that Ohio State represents – sans its “Best Damn Band in the Land” (yep, like that band – because it’s all brass). Otherwise, Ohio State represents the epitome of trashy NFL style fans (grown men wearing football jerseys symbolizes “white trash” like nothing else) and a “classless” head football coach in Urban Meyer who opted against the traditional final play of the game “take a knee” to add another meaningless touchdown.
Yep, to Hell with Ohio State…(expletive) the Bucks !!!! Back to normal. Ah.. that just feels just friggin good to me
All eyes on the 2015 season – starting with Spring Football and a feeling of “promise” for Michigan Football under the Jim Harbaugh regime. I CANNOT WAIT !!!

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