Appreciating “good health” and picking “Bucky Badger”

Growing up and well into adulthood, I would hear this creed to live by from my parents during one of my pouting moments – especially my Mom – “Hey, if you have your health, you’ve got everything.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” my cynical response would be, never truly appreciating “my health.” Well, after a nearly two-week battle with stomach flu — turned severe bronchitis – turned early stages of pneumonia – that light has definitely turned on for me. Now that I am finally getting better – I truly appreciate that when I am healthy, I do indeed “have everything.”
So with that appreciation and positive attitude, I enthusiastically tackle getting back on the air TODAY on The Drive with Jack Ebling from 3-6 p.m. for our weekly remote broadcast at The Blue Gill Grill in Haslett. The best thing about doing that remote? That’s easy — the “regulars” that show up every week. That is the biggest compliment Jack and I can ever receive. Our attendees make it happen for us – fueling our energy for a fast moving three hours of fun.

Needless to say, lots to talk about on today’s show – being on the threshold of the Big 10 Men’s Basketball Tournament next week in Chicago, Michigan State’s momentum it generated from the Spartans’ impressive win over a very physical Purdue team, and Michigan sputtering down the stretch of conference play, literally hitting bottom with the double OT debacle defeat to Northwestern earlier this week.

One thing I am for sure going to declare on the air today – it’s my complete “buy in” to the Wisconsin Badgers as we enter March Madness. As a matter of fact, I am not going to be in the 99 percentile when I fill out my bracket – picking Kentucky to cut down the nets in Indy on the night of April 6. Instead, I am taking “Bucky Badger” – because I just think that terrific trio of front-court mates Frank Kaminsky, Sam Dekker and Nigel Hayes – is going to be too much to overcome for any opposition – even the sacred Kentucky Wildcats.

Let the “Madness” begin!!!

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