All I wanted to weigh – 212 pounds…Careful what you wish for

I had my annual physical examination today. You see, one needs to make sure check-ups are “annual” when you get to be my age – 58 years old going on 59. People my age are like cars with a lots of miles – stuff starts to break down – you know, things like “your suspension”….”your motor”….”your transmission”….”your exhaust system” (I am crackin’ myself up as I am writing this). Fortunately, following getting put up on the hoist, my physician at the MSU Family Practice says everything checks out just fine..well, the exception of being 7 pounds HEAVIER than last year – 212 pounds versus 205 pounds.

So the Doc declares to me he wants me to be try to get ‘er down to 200 pounds even. Ironically – when I was in college and into my early 20s, I yearned to weigh 212 pounds. Don’t ask me why “212” – and not 210 or 215. It just seemed perfect, I just thought 6-foot-2, 212 pounds of ROCK was just the optimum weight to be, so I pounded the weights hard, and could never creep much past 195. Well, nearly 40 years later it’s a case of “careful what you wish for.” I still lift weights and do the cardio as I did back then (just lesser weight and much “slower” forms of cardio), but my problem is the term “ROCK”… just doesn’t necessarily apply now.

Regardless, I will get back in shape as best I can (fully confident), as long as I don’t succumb to my ongoing nemesis – waaaay too many carbs, and waaay too big of portions at the dinner table. Discipline-Discipline-Discipline – I just gotta pound that into my head.

One thing that really grabbed my attention recently as a wake-up call to get in better shape, was prompted by one of our Drive with Jack Ebling sponsors – the Michigan Arthritis Collaborative Partnership. You might not realize this, but Arthritis affects 52.5 million U.S. adults — that is more than 1 in 5. It is the nation’s most common cause of disability. My late father suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis for a number of years later in his life, and I witnessed his pain and frustration of not being able to do physical activities like he had prior. That is why I want to follow the MACP’s creed – to Get Moving…and Keep Moving.

So, if arthritis is keeping you from living the life you want, these folks want you to take charge of your arthritis with moderate physical activity. You can contact them and hear some great physical fitness suggestions. Just call, 517-827-9645 — the Michigan Arthritis Collaborative Partnership.

And in the meantime along with increased physical activity for Yours Truly, it’s veggies, fruits and putting the kibosh on BREAD (I am full-fledged Bread-A-Holic) and keeping those portions down. Admittedly, 212 pounds is just not such a cool weight to be after all.

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