A Tale of Two Announcers


Chris Castellani

There’s two sides to every story. At no time has this ever been more accurate than it was yesterday at the conclusion of the Tigers/White Sox game. Take a quick listen to Dan Dickerson’s call of James McCann’s walk off home run against the White Sox.

And for a slightly more depressing take, listen to White Sox TV announcer Ken “The Hawk” Harrelson as he calls McCann’s home run.

That’s quite the contrast…

Dickerson strikes me as a consummate professional. Him and Jim Price do a bang up job every night. Then there’s the Hawk who, in a 2014 survey done by awfulannouncing.com, was voted the worst local TV announcer in baseball. Critics point to his overuse of catchphrases, unwarranted rants, and clear White Sox favoritism. Personally, and this is coming from someone who is a die hard Tigers fan, I love the Hawk. I love him because he’s different. And kids, there is nothing wrong with being different (most of the time). I’ll always look at Ed, Jim, Rod, and Mario as the boys of summer and the voices of my favorite team in all of sports, I still get a kick out of listening to someone like the Hawk. Sometimes you got to know when to switch it up. Even Aroldis Chapman knows to throw a changeup every so often.

What do you think of Dan and Jim? Also, are you a fan of the Hawk? To hear some of his more memorable calls, check out this video

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Thanks for reading and GO TIGERS!
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