Couch: MSU’s McQuaid, Nairn, Harris shine at Moneyball

Player analysis derived from summer basketball, pro-ams included, can be misleading — as in, “That mid-major guy is a certain NBA first-round draft pick.” (Ahem, Western Michigan’s Stane’s Bufford, circa 2005.) A small sample size is even more likely to deceive. With that read-at-your-own-risk warning submitted for the record, here’s a look at what I saw from each Michigan State player taking part in Lansing’s Moneyball Pro-Am, which began Tuesday night at Aim High in Dimondale.

Marvin Clark: MSU’s 6-foot-5 sophomore is so far removed from the freshman who didn’t have much feel for the sport last summer. But we knew that already. We saw it in March. Clark’s pro-am team, which also features MSU’s Eron Harris, didn’t fare well Tuesday, despite strong early play from both of them, and the game lost its zest late. Clark scored 20 points, including two 3s (from behind an NBA line). His wicked crossover dribble before letting fly a deep shot brought the loudest cheers of the night from a then-sizable crowd. – Read more at

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