Warren Report: The Who is my favorite British Invasion band

Photo credit - BBC

The British Broadcasting Corporation is currently marking the 50th Anniversary of The Who, and I couldn’t be happier about it. The Who is my favorite British band of all.

Yes, The Beatles were like a comet across the musical sky. The Rolling Stones embrace – not just musically, but economically, of American blues musicians – puts them in a special catagory. Pink Floyd’s asteroid chomping sound never ceased to amaze. But from the start, The Who was louder, brasher, and more edgy than any of the other “British Invasion” groups.

But just when you would think they were just all about the above – although “A Quick One” was a glimpse – then came Tommy, Who’s Next, and my favorite The Who album of all, Quadrophenia.

Oh shit! I almost forgot. They also recorded the greatest, balls-out, foot-stomping, motherfucking, kick-ass live album in rock-n-roll history, Live at Leeds.

But enough from me, to get the legend of The Who, you must listen to the fantastic multi-part series BBC 6 is currently running: Maximum R&B – The Birth of The Who



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