Getting closer: smelling football despite the sultry air

Ok…less than two weeks away from Big 10 Media Days, when the Drive with Jack broadcast team heads to Chicago …football is in the AIR, baby…..despite the fact we are on the threshold of a sultry 90 degree weekend (and I do enjoy summer on the lake), but WOW — the fast approaching gridiron campaign has me jacked. I CANNOT WAIT till Sept. 3.

I “warmed up” pondering Michigan football this past Wednesday when Jack Ebling and I did our weekly “Drive with Jack” remote broadcast at The Blue Gill Grill in Haslett. We did a “Mount Rushmore” selection theme for not only Wolverine gridiron greats, but also for Wolverine basketball and coaches/administrator categories. Trying to settle on those four Mount Rushmore Mugs per category is a lot easier said than done. It was exhausting, because there are just so many worthy names to consider and decide upon. And I am not going to get back into having to defend my selections (I am tapped out of energy on that, especially when it comes to Bo).

But here it goes: Football selections were Tom Harmon, Ron Kramer, Anthony Carter and Charles Woodson. Basketball came down to Cazzie Russell, Phil Hubbard (Sweet Hubs), Glen Rice and Trey Burke. And Coaches/Administrators were Fielding H. Yost, Fritz Crisler, Don Canham and Bo Schembechler.

By far the easiest selection of all was naming Canham, because of the incredible impact the former Michigan Athletic Director had on marketing not only collegiate athletics at Michigan, but the trail blazing template he created for AD’s throughout other NCAA member institutions. And when the newsflash of this past week was Michigan securing 90K season tickets sold for the coming college football season – yes, the Harbaugh effect had a lot to do with it. But even more of a source was the residual effect still lingering from Canham (along with Bo) – a Michigan Football foundation securely installed now 45 years ago.

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