20 Stats That Show How Badly The Tigers Were Manhandled Over The Weekend

This needs no introduction…

1. The average score of a game in this series was 9.67-2.00
2. Tigers starters had a 0.55 SO/BB ratio
3. The Blue Jays had a 4.4 SO/BB ratio
4. The Blue Jays had almost twice as many home runs (11) as the Tigers had runs (6)
5. The Jays averaged 1.21 runs per inning
6. Blue Jays cleanup hitter Edwin Encarnación had quite the series, smashing four home runs and driving in twelve runs.
7. By comparison, Victor Martinez has hit four home runs since the All-star break.
8. Toronto’s 7,8,9 hitters had more RBI’s and runs scored in the last two games than the entire Tigers lineup had all series.
9. The Tigers were 0-14 with runners in scoring position, the Jays were 10-31.
10. Anthony Gose’s two-run home run in game one were the only two out RBI’s that the Tigers had all series. Toronto had twelve.
11. Nine of the ten pitchers that the Tigers used were sent down to the minor leagues at some point this season.
12. The Blue Jays scored six first innings runs this series, the same amount that the Tigers scored in all three games combined.
13. Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez, and J.D. Martinez were a combined 4-30 with 1 RBI in the series.
14. Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista, and Edwin Incarnation were 15-36 with 17 RBI’s.
15. Twenty-two of the twenty-seven Blue Jays hitters who started got at least one hit.
16. Eleven Blue Jays had multi-hit games
17. Only three Tigers had multi-hit games.
18. Blue Jays averaged 2.25 baserunners an inning.
19. Detroit scored zero runs in seven and a third innings against the Blue Jays bullpen.
20. In twelve innings against the Tigers bullpen, the Jays scored twelve runs.

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