5 helpful remedies that helped me get thru a painful week

OK, so as I post this blog, it’s been now 8 days since the “Nightmare on the Corner of Stadium Blvd and Main Street.” That’s how I refer to it. No more appropriate name. They say “time is a good healer” …but I gotta tell you the past 8 days has barely put a friggin’ dent in my pain. Nooooooooooooooo kiddin!

Still, I wanna share with you the 5 helpful remedies that helped me at least “minimize the pain” from the Oct. 17 approximately 7:10 p.m. “moment of the debacle.” I am going to file them away for the next time, although, God forbid, I can’t imagine a more shell shocking setback reoccurring than what occurred on that infamous day in Ann Arbor, which will be locked into the memory bank of all die-hard Michigan fans throughout the world.

Here is what worked for me this past week:

Turn off your damn cell phone, unless you need to make a call. I got countless text messages – with the video clip reminder of “The Game”… “The Play” or however to Hell you want to refer to it (“Hell” is an appropriate word) — that I received from numerous Spartan fan friends of mine, reminding me what happened at approximately 7:10 p.m. EDT Oct 17, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. And my voicemail too. Let me just say, it filled up quickly, with barbs — some good-natured…some mean spirited.

Don’t turn on your damn computer. I mean Twitter, Facebook, Fan Message Boards, Email – “The Play” seemingly appeared on my screen with any mere click I would make on my laptop computer. I learned quickly. Power Down…shut the lid, and go rake some leaves.

Keep telling yourself over and over and over that I won’t even remember what happened on Oct. 17, 2015, say 40 years from now. I am quite confident of that, as a matter of fact. Because 40 years from now, that would make me 99 years old. And if I do still happen to be around then, I certainly won’t care, I am thinking.

Stay off BTN, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN News, FoxSports1, Lansing area News-Weather-Sports broadcasts, and any – I mean ANY – sports talk radio show that is broadcast within a 900 mile radius of the State of Michigan. Instead, keep your TV cable locked in on AntennaTV – because I can promise you, “The Final 10 seconds clip” of the Michigan-MSU game will not be aired during commercial breaks of Mister Ed, The Donna Reed Show, Father Knows Best, Dennis the Menace, and Hazel. My own personal experiences last week can attest to that.

Keep reminding yourself that not all Michigan State folks are bad people. The fact I received a personal handwritten note from Tom Izzo delivered to me at our Blue Gill Grill radio remote Friday (via MSU Media Relations AD Matt Larson) – citing to me he values our friendship in the truest spirit of the rivalry with a personal invite to attend MSU Midnight Madness – well, it tells me there are indeed “some good eggs” who wear Green & White – even at the highest levels — such as the Head Basketball Coach.

And if all else fails, go buy a Golden Retriver puppy. That will make the pain go away, I can tell ya. He’s just a little guy (4 weeks old), and he’ll be ready to come home with us in a few weeks to join the family including “big brother” Charlie. I think we are going to name him “Bubba” – after former Michigan State All American Defensive End Bubba Smith – at least that is what MSU grad wife Tina declares to me. But I am going to tell people we are naming him after another “Bubba” — former Michigan All American Offensive Tackle Bubba Paris – that’s my story, and I am sticking to it.

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