If Oregon belongs in CFB playoff, so do Buckeyes

Michigan State’s college football playoff hopes died emphatically Saturday night. But the Spartans still have a role in this flawed four-team event.

They are part of the control group, which of course is nowhere near as exciting as being in the treatment group, scientifically speaking. MSU becomes Ohio State’s strongest argument for inclusion.

If the 8-1 Buckeyes win their remaining four games, playing with anywhere near the oomph they delivered Saturday, they belong in the college football playoff — every bit as much as 9-1 Oregon, if not more so.

All the 12-member selection committee has to do is follow its own guidelines and truly choose the “best” four teams, and the Buckeyes — post-Big Ten championship — would belong.

Ohio State on Saturday against the Spartans was better than the Ducks against MSU two months earlier.

A college football playoff without this version of the Buckeyes would be no more than an exhibition, played for a trophy. Because one could easily argue there isn’t a stronger team in the country than Ohio State right now, as the season reaches its most critical weeks.

This is when you’re supposed to be at your best. Not in Week 2 with a redshirt freshman quarterback who never expected to be playing. – Read more at LSJ.com

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