Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio plays behavioral scientist with Spartans fan base

EAST LANSING — Mark Dantonio sounded as though he has little tolerance for those in his Michigan State football fan base who are jumping off the bandwagon and failing to recognize where the program is at.

Dantonio, appearing on his weekly radio show at Reno’s East on Thursday night, pointed out No. 12-ranked Michigan State (7-2, 4-1 Big Ten) has big things to play for, starting with Saturday night’s 8 o’clock game at Maryland (6-3, 3-2).

More than once on his radio show, Dantonio referenced the “Seven Stages of Grief,” a well-known behavioral science model that includes seven steps: 1) shock and denial; 2) pain and guilt; 3) anger and bargaining; 4) depression, reflecting, loneliness; 5) the upward turn; 6) reconstruction and working through and, 7) acceptance and hope.

“It’s a little quiet in here,” Dantonio said. “We’re trying to get through it, (the) seven stages of grief there.” – Read more at MLive.com

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