Should NCAA serve as NBA’s minor league? Izzo, Cuban, Van Gundy and others discuss.

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo, whose program has developed a reputation as bruising bullies while advancing to seven Final Fours during his two-decade tenure, is among those who believe the emphasis on opening up the college game is long overdue.

Izzo said he has been lobbying for 10 years for college basketball and the NBA to do a better job of working together to make the transition for players easier. Part of that is college basketball playing with rules similar to the NBA’s.

“College is a way to develop to get to the league,” Izzo said. “If we’ve got to tweak some rules — the 3-point line, the 35-second shot clock to 24 — if that benefits both parties, I’m up for all of those things. If it benefits the NBA even more than us, I’m still for it, because I think that’s where our kids want to end up.” – Read more at

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