Draymond Green and LaMarr Woodley unite to give back to Saginaw

Saginaw is part of Michigan’s legendary I-75 corridor, which includes Flint and Detroit. Those three cities, along with Toledo just over the Ohio boarder, were the birthplace of industrial unionism in the 1930’s and 40’s. Those four cities and their people helped give birth to the American middle class that propelled the United States to the top of the industrial/economic world after World War II.

But those four cities and so many other once-industrial towns in the Rust Belt, the Northeast and West Coast, have taken a massive beating as NAFTA, GATT and other various “Free Trade” agreements have destroyed the very jobs that made the United States the envy of the economic world durng the middle of the 20th Century.

And while millionaires and billionaires like Dan Gilbert, Earvin Johnson, Tom Gores, Bill Johnson and Rhonda Stryker have invested millions of their own dollars in efforts to rebuild Detroit, Cleveland, Lansing and Kalamazoo. Saginaw (and Flint) has largely been left behind.

But, as Nina Mandel writes today in a great piece on For The Win, two of “Sagnasty’s” favorite sons and childhood friends, LaMarr Woodley and Draymond Green, have united to make their hometown and better place.

“The kids definitely know who we are,” Woodley said. “The kids just also see us in the community … so we’re not just strangers on TV that are from the same city or area that they’re from but actually comes back and they can actually see and touch and talk to.”

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