Hannah, Magic, Izzo and Munn make MSU’s Ultimate Mount Rushmore

On Monday’s Drive, Jack, Joe Rexrode and Doug Warren discussed who should be on Michigan State’s all-time athletics “Mt. Rushmore” in football and basketball, non revenue sports as well as administration/coaching.

The, in the final portion of the show, Jack, Joe and Doug talked about who of the 16 finalists, should make the final four in the ultimate MSU Rushmore. After extensive deliberation, we chose the first three without much debate:

1. John Hannah
2. Tom Izzo
3. Magic Johnson

But for the final spot, we could not come up with a clear choice.

So we asked you the listeners to chime in. You did and we thank you.


When all was said and done, we had to go with the man who made MSU football into a national power, paved the way for his successor, Duffy Daugherty, to push for the full-on integration of college football. And, as MSU Athletic Director, was responsible for the hiring of coaches like Fordy Anderson, Grady Peninger, the final spot goes to Clarence “Biggie” Munn.


We are currently in the middle of day two of our Mount Rushmore week. Today, we discuss the greatest Lansing athletes in history. Listen in on The Team 92.1 FM and call us with your input at 517-485-7925 until 6:00 p.m. tonight.

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