MSU’s top 50 football players: No. 11 Connor Cook

This is the 40th in a 50-day summer series counting down the top players in Michigan State football history, as I see them. As with last year’s MSU basketball top 50, the criteria is performance and impact at MSU only, professional career irrelevant. Have your own opinion? Leave a comment or tweet at me @Graham_Couch.

No. 11 – Connor Cook

Quarterback, 2012-present, Hinckley, Ohio

The skinny: Cook’s story at MSU is still being written. Thus far, it’s a helluva tale. It’s difficult to find a player in MSU football history with better timing or greater program impact than the Spartans’ senior quarterback. Without his arrival as a competent college QB in time for the 2013 Big Ten season, MSU is still trying to separate itself from Iowa, still looking up in frustration at Ohio State, rather than relishing a late-November date in Columbus with anticipation. Without his development into a resilient and sometimes prolific gunslinger, MSU wouldn’t have consecutive top-five finishes, a Big Ten championship, a long-awaited Rose Bowl experience and burgeoning profile on the national college football landscape. Cook didn’t do that alone. But MSU couldn’t have done it without him. – Read more at

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