Riley Bullough takes charge at LB for MSU

EAST LANSING – It’s short hair versus long hair. Seriousness versus silliness. Crunching physicality versus sideline-to-sideline speed.

And it’s another Bullough in the middle of Michigan State’s defense. For all the differences between older brother Max (current Houston Texan, MSU’s middle linebacker in 2011-13) and younger brother Riley, there are similarities as well.

“I’ve seen a lot of Max in him,” MSU senior outside linebacker Darien Harris said of Riley, a junior who claimed the No. 1 spot inside with a strong spring. “I’ve seen a leader for sure. He’s definitely taking command of this defense. He’s got a commanding voice out there, so he gets everybody’s attention. And he loves the game. He has so much fun out there, he’s a fun guy to be around. He’s silly, he’s wild. All the things you want out of your middle linebacker, that’s what Riley is. I think it’s a testament to his family, the Bullough family, and he’s been waiting on this moment his entire life. – Read more at

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