AUDIO REWIND: Darien Harris, Trae Waynes, Taiwan Jones, Donovan Clark and Dallas on a special Drive with Jack

Last Friday, Jack and Darien Harris broadcast live from downtown Lansing. With the events that unfolded in Dallas Thursday night, it became a mostly somber, but very important show.

3:10 CHRIS CASTELLANI, “Stat Man,” CMU student, Ebling Media intern and baseball addict, on the Tigers’ miraculous ninth-inning and the weekend series.

3:20 GENE WRIGGELSWORTH, in his 28th and final year as Ingham County sheriff, on last night’s events in Downtown Dallas and the lessons for all of us – our TAKE-CHARGE MOMENT OF THE WEEK, brought to you by the IBEW/NECA Local 665, offering skilled trade electrical programs, competitive wages and benefits in the electrical field.

4:05 TRAE WAYNES, Minnesota Vikings second-year cornerback, the No. 11 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the fastest player in last year’s NFL Combine and Darien Harris’ MSU roommate for three seasons – the our SPARTAN SPOTLIGHT segment, brought to you by the Greater Lansing Sports Authority, bringing thousands of athletes and teams to this area for dozens of tournaments and special events. Hats off to everyone at the GLSA for showing just what this area can be.

4:20 TAIWAN JONES, New York Jets second-year linebacker, an undrafted free-agent, just like Darien, and a diehard Spartan who won a bet with teammate and ex-Michigan linebacker David Harris.

4:45 RICK GOSSELIN, sports columnist for the Dallas Morning News and longtime NFL writer on the Spartans’ Renaissance and the events in Dallas last night.

5:05 DONAVON CLARK, San Diego Chargers rookie guard, a seventh-round pick in the NFL Draft, MSU’s leader in snaps played in 2015, including 22 on the Spartans’ Big Ten championship drive in Indianapolis.

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