AUDIO REWIND: Michigan State assistant coach, Dane Fife, co-hosts The Drive

Jack and MSU assistant baseketball coach h, Dane Fife, broadcast live from downtown Lansing. Today’s guests include:

3:20 Brian Posey, owner of The Ticket Machine

3:30 Mick McCabe, “The Son of Swami,” legendary Detroit Free Press preps reporter

4:05 Tom Izzo, MSU head coach

4:30 Kirk Haston, Former Indiana Hoosiers player and author of “Days of Knight” (release date September 5th)

5:05 Gus Ganakas, legendary MSU basketball coach, broadcaster, fundraiser, U.S. Marine and the “Original Spartan” on MSU’s campus since the 1940s

5:30 Dan Fife, legendary Clarkston High coach and father of Dane

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