AUDIO REWIND: Jack and Tom tangle on the Waterfront

Jack and Tom Crawford broadcast live from The Waterfront bar and Grill in downtown Lansing. Today’s guests include:

3:30 and 3:50 TOM SHANAHAN, award-winning sportswriter, author of Jimmy Raye’s biography “Raye of Light” and Michigan State University sports historian

4:05 SHANNON KELLEY, 14-year supporter of Jack and Tom, father of Bria and decades-long Chicago superfan, especially of the Bears and red-hot Cubs

4:35 JULIAN PETERSON, MSU’s all-time leader in tackles for losses and five-time Pro Bowl player, on the 2016 Spartans and dealing with adversity _ our FOR PETE’S SAKE segment, brought to you by Woody’s Oasis on Trowbridge Road, “Your Healthy Alternative to Fast Food . . . Eat Woody’s and Live Longer”

4:50 JACK VOEGLER, Retirement Protection Services, MSU superfan and host of one of the top football tailgate parties on campus for more than a decade

5:20 NICK, an IU grad, and TIFFANY, wait staff at the Waterfront Bar and Grill

5:45 SCOTT SIMMONS, MSU wrestler, patriarch of Mid-Michigan’s first family of wrestling with sons Nick and Andy and owner of the Waterfront Bar and Grill

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